Morning, Apr. 10, Themed Sub-Forum

Sub-Forum 1: domestic and international technological progress of hydrogen production from renewable energy


1. Development prospect of hydrogen production by electrolysis of renewable energy

2. How to realize large-scale application, cost reduction and efficiency increase of hydrogen production from ALK electrolytic water

3. Analysis of current situation and cost reduction path of PEM electrolytic water hydrogen production technology

4. Development status and future prospects of SOEC hydrogen production technology

5. Status quo and challenges of AEM electrolytic water hydrogen production technology

6. Sharing of classic cases of renewable energy hydrogen production projects

Sub-forum 2: Innovative application of hydrogen energy in distributed energy, steel, chemical industry and other field

1. Application status and prospect analysis of hydrogen energy in steel and chemical industry under the background of dual carbon

2. Development prospect of hydrogen energy in the field of distributed power generation

3. Research and latest progress of hydrogen metallurgy in China

4. The commercialization of hydrogen energy will be broken. How to make methanol and synthetic ammonia "fulcrums"

5. Development and trend of hydrogen energy comprehensive application in chemical industry

Afternoon, Apr. 10, Themed Sub-Forum

Sub-forum 3: hydrogen production, storage and transportation, construction of hydrogenation station and technical equipment


1. Discussion on safety standard system of hydrogen energy utilization

2. Current status and development trend of hydrogen energy storage and transportation technology

3. Development status and challenges of hydrogen energy pipeline transportation technology

4. Design technology of hydrogen production and hydrogenation integrated station

5. Design and construction technology of hydrogen refueling station project

6. Technical status of core equipment in hydrogenation station

7. Discussion on standards and experience exchange of hydrogenation station

Morning, Apr. 11, Themed Forum

Theme: Development opportunities and challenges of hydrogen energy industry

1. Leader's speech

2. Annual report release

3. Interpretation of the Annual Report of Academicians, Experts and Entrepreneurs

4. Leaders' round table dialogue

Afternoon, Apr. 11, Themed Sub-Forum

Sub-forum 4: Innovative technologies for fuel cell vehicles, systems and key components


1. Development status and market outlook of fuel cells in China

2. Requirements under different application scenarios of fuel cells

3. Standards and test technologies for vehicle fuel cell systems and key components

4. Localization process of core fuel cell components

5. Progress and challenges of fuel cell stack technology

6. Technological innovation and application of hydrogen fuel cell vehicles

Evening, Apr. 11,  Innovation Awards Dinner 

★ China Hydrogen Energy Innovation Leader Award

★ China's Leading Enterprise Award for Hydrogen Production Technology Innovation

★ China Hydrogen Storage and Transportation Technology Leading Enterprise Award

★ Enterprise Award for Outstanding Contribution to China's Hydrogen Station Construction

★ Enterprise Award for Localization Contribution of Core Equipment of China's Hydrogen Station

★ China Fuel Cell Technology Innovation Leading Enterprise Award

★ China Fuel Cell Core Parts Localization Contribution Enterprise Award

★ China Fuel Cell Vehicle Best Brand Award