On September 22nd 020, President Xi Jinping delivered an important speech at the general debate on the seventy-fifth session of the UN General Assembly. Xi Jinping said that China will enhance the country's independent contribution and adopt more effective policies and measures. Carbon dioxide emissions will strive to peak before 2030, and strive to achieve carbon neutralization by 2060.

The role value of hydrogen in the world's energy transformation has attracted increasing attention. The major developed countries in the world have strongly supported the development of hydrogen energy industry in recent years. At present, the main hydrogen production methods in the world include natural gas reforming, heavy oil reforming and coal gasification. Hydrogen production from renewable energy power generation is expected to gradually realize commercialization in 2030. The large-scale storage and transportation of hydrogen is highly dependent on technological progress and infrastructure construction, which is a difficulty in the development of hydrogen energy industry. The construction of global hydrogen refueling stations is accelerating. The countries with the largest number of completed hydrogen refueling stations include Japan, Germany, the United States and China. Hydrogen fuel cell vehicles have been commercialized on a small scale in some countries. Small hydrogen fuel cell cogeneration has also become a distributed energy utilization technology of great concern in developed countries. Japan is the most successful country in the development of related industries. Hydrogen is widely used and can also be used in the fields of iron and steel and chemical production. It has great prospects in China and is worthy of our in-depth research and exploration.

China is very rich in renewable energy, and its development efforts are also in the forefront of the world. The new and cumulative installed capacity of new energy ranks first in the world. In order to implement the goals of "carbon peak by 2030" and "carbon neutralization by 2060", it is necessary to further strengthen the development of renewable energy during the 14th Five Year Plan period, and then carry out hydrogen production from renewable energy, which will be one of the important paths of carbon emission reduction“ In order to strengthen and expand the hydrogen energy industry in the 14th five year plan, it is imperative to produce hydrogen by electrolyzing water with renewable energy.

Hydrogenation station is not only an important link in the hydrogen energy industry chain, but also the key to the maturity of hydrogen energy“ From the experience of hydrogen energy development in developed countries such as the United States, Japan and Europe, the insufficient infrastructure construction of hydrogen refueling station will restrict the development of hydrogen energy industry. At present, the number of hydrogenation stations in China has ranked second in the world, and the construction speed is accelerating, which will provide a solid foundation for China's hydrogen energy industry in its infancy. The rapid and large-scale deployment of hydrogen refueling stations is conducive to driving the rapid development of upstream and downstream industries and improving the society and people's understanding and recognition of hydrogen as a new energy. At the same time, the formation of hydrogenation network is conducive to reducing hydrogenation cost, promoting industrial development and forming a virtuous circle.

"The fourth Asian hydrogen energy and fuel cell technology application exhibition in 2021 and the first China made storage, transportation and hydrogenation station technology and equipment exhibition in 2021" are jointly organized and implemented by PGO green energy ecological cooperation organization, Yangtze River Delta hydrogen energy industry technology alliance, PGO hydrogen energy and fuel cell industry research institute and Asian Development Bank, The "4th Asian hydrogen energy industry development forum" was held at the same time. With the theme of "hydrogen energy, leading the future", the conference is committed to building a broader exchange and cooperation platform to help industries accelerate resource agglomeration and integration.

The event will invite the main leaders of the national development and Reform Commission, the Ministry of industry and information technology, the Chinese Academy of Sciences and other relevant units, as well as the leaders of relevant associations and local governments of Zhejiang Province, well-known experts from well-known universities and research institutions at home and abroad, executives of domestic and foreign industry enterprises and other guests from policies, standards, innovative technologies and methods The development of hydrogen energy related fields is deeply discussed at different levels such as practical experience and cases.

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